Millers Falls 8″ Brace


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An 8″ brace manufactured by Millers Falls

Category Usability Finish Wear Repair Surface Misc.
New Totally Metal – 100%
Wood – As mfg’d
None None Metal – no rust
Wood – surface smooth, edges sharp
“+” indicates original pkg
Fine Totally Metal – 90-100%
Wood – 80% original or old finish
Minimal None Metal – trace of rust, some dark patina o.k.
Wood – surface smooth, edges slightly rounded
Makers marks, if present, clear and easily legible
Good+ Yes – may need tuning Metal – 75-90%
Well patinated appearance
Normal Minor or none Metal – light rust
Wood – minor surface stress, edges good
A few dings and/or scratches are o.k.
Good Yes – may need serious tuning Metal – 50-75%
Wood – pleasing patination, may have some stains
Normal to moderate Minor, but correct Metal – light rust, some minor pitting
Wood – minor chips, shrinkage cracks
This category represents average, as found condition
Good- Probably Metal – 30-50%
Wood – some patination; staining or discoloration prominent. Refinished
Moderate to heavy Correct Metal – moderate rust, moderate pitting
Wood – warping, chips, minor splitting
This category definitely indicates a problem, although the general integrity is o.k.
Fair Probably not Metal – 0-30%
Wood – extreme discoloration, poor refinishing
Excessive Major, improper or missing parts Metal – moderate to heavy rust, serious pitting
Wood – warped, split, large chunks out, major cracks
Normally not suitable to add to a collection, may be good for parts
Poor No n/a Excessive Damaged, missing major parts Metal – heavy rust, major pitting
Wood – rot, rough surface, glued splits
Only useful for parts or raw materials for the repair of better condition tools.

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