Winter/Spring 2019 Classes

Welcome! This coming season we’ve got two sessions of the Woodworking Fundamentals 1 class, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We’re also trying something new: we’ll be doubling up and also having the Woodworking Fundamentals 2 on Tuesday evenings.

Intro to Cabinetmaking, as well as Basic Cabinetmaking, will be on Sundays starting late February until early April. There is, as always, a $100 discount for taking both of those classes in a row.

We don’t run Basic Veneering very often but it’s an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons beyond working in solid wood. We also recently decided to run another Intro to Veneering for anybody who wants to squeeze it in before the Basic class. Veneer gets a bad name, but it can produce beautiful pieces. John Randazzo (who teaches the Basic Veneering) can also teach you to Get the Most From Your Router.

We’ve also got Budget Benchmaking coming up for those who don’t want to break the bank getting themselves ready to work in their own space.

Lastly, for anyone interested in really exploring the beauty of oak and learning how a circular tabletop is made, Mark Mooney’s got a wonderful Tabouret Table class for you.