The Back Channel School is a small woodworking school nestled in Stowe Township, just outside of Pittsburgh on the south bank of the Ohio River. Focused on educating students on the foundational aspects of woodcraft, most of our classes are once or twice weekly on weeknights, and as such aimed at local Pittsburgh residents. We do have some shorter, 1-day classes and weekend classes for interested students from out-of-town or who can’t do weeknights.

In our opinion, woodworking is a satisfying and rewarding endeavor. Sitting at a desk for forty hours (or more!) a week might cause people to forget the simple joy of creating with their own two hands. We seek to encourage and enable people to build things both for themselves, and for the people in their lives.

With any complex skill, mastering the basics through simple practice is the key to success. In woodworking, just as in other crafts, gaps in knowledge lead to frustration and shoddy results. We emphasize the basic skills that all woodworkers should possess no matter what they are looking to make.

We firmly believe that woodworking is best learned by giving yourself time. Much like learning to play an instrument, you wouldn’t attend a weeklong intensive and walk away expecting to know how to play the clarinet. The better approach is to do hands-on work and be provided immediate feedback, with some practice in between.

If you’re sure you’re interested in learning, the best place to start is with our Core Classes, Fundamentals 1 & 2, and the Intro to and Basic Cabinetmaking classes. With those four classes under your belt, you can build anything you like.