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The First Bench Room

If you've been to the shop in the past year or more, you'll likely have seen the side rooms, those off of the main shop floor, looking in varying states of disarray. Just recently, however, we've finished up the first of the bench rooms and are nearly ready to start hosting classes in it.

The project started back in 2015, and began with the framing. Sleepers were laid, and a subfloor put in over them. The old walls were framed over to facilitate new wiring and insulation being installed. Drywall was put up, and we built a few shelves before finally installing and finishing the hardwood floor (with the help of students, no less) and trimming out the room. A prior cabinetmaking class had built cabinets for the kitchenette, to which we added a countertop and sink.

Before the fall session begins, we'll finish plumbing the kitchenette and build a few more benches to flesh out the room. After that, the last thing that the room will need is you! Hah!

Below is a gallery of progress pictures taken throughout the process for your perusal.