Building an Arts-and-Crafts Picture Frame


A class on making an arts-and-crafts style picture frame

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Taught by Mark Mooney


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As suggested by Timothy Hulton in his article “Hidden in Plain View”, oak frames are the signature picture treatment of the Arts and Crafts movement of the last century.
Open any issue of Gustav Stickley’s magazine The Craftsman, and you are likely to see tiles, prints, or photographs framed, not in elaborately carved and gilded edgings, but in plain, self-effacing oak. Hulton goes on to suggest that human affinity for Oak has waxed and waned through the centuries from its worship by the Druids (i.e., Dru-Wid, ‘oak knowledge’), to the Victorian disdain for oak as a “Peasant wood” while embracing the use of exotic woods such as Ebony, Teak, and Mahogany to the wide spread use of oak again during the Arts and Crafts Movement championed by John Ruskin, William Morris, and Gustav Stickly in the last century.

With the present day Arts and Crafts Revival, oak and the joinery used to create such frames, is again being utilized and very much appreciated.
This course will take you through choosing and milling your quarter-sawn oak lumber with grain orientation and aesthetics in mind, using mortise and through tenon joinery to assemble the rails and stiles, and using and appreciating plug construction for the decorative design element, as well as traditional staining and finishing techniques.

Tuition does not include a materials fee (~$60) payable to instructor