No tools, or prior experience, needed.

The weekends of September 14th & 15th, 21st&22nd starting at 8 am until at least 5pm, very possibly later.

Having a flat, sturdy workspace is essential for doing good work, but buying one is not easy. Good commercial benches are very expensive, and the affordable ones are not worth buying due to their light weight and bad vises. We want our students to be able to work at home because practice is vital.

A more budget-friendly bench, to be made over two weekends, featuring a sturdy pine base and a hefty, 3 inch thick laminated benchtop made of particle board and MDF, with a hardwood apron.

The pictured bench has a cherry & oak base, which differs from the pine base we will build in the class, but the form of the bench is the same.

We will have a limited number of vises available for purchase.

Materials fee estimated at $125

Budget Benchmaking


A short and sweet bench making class for those that want a space to work

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