Hand-cut Dovetails


A comprehensive class on cutting dovetails by hand

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Taught by Back Channel Staff

Saturday, November 2nd, 9 AM to 5:30 PM (Lunch provided)

Note: No tools are necessary for this class. Students are welcome to bring any tools they may own.

Making dovetails is a basic woodworking skill that you should acquire.  It is no more complicated than cutting parts square on a table saw or routing an edge on a cabinet door.  It takes knowledge, some practice and experience.

The basic tools used in this class are: small square, T-bevel gauge, pencil, marking gauge, dovetail saw (western or Japanese), coping saw, and bench chisels.

Key lessons include:

  • Layout
  • Sawing to a line
  • Chopping and pairing to a shoulder
  • Single-through Dovetails
  • Multi-through Dovetails
  • Half-blind Dovetails