Grove Park Inn Tabouret Table


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Taught by Mark Mooney. Monday Evenings starting February 18th till March 11th 6 pm till 10 pm.

This four-week course will take you through choosing and milling your quarter-sawn, oak lumber with grain orientation and aesthetics in mind. We will glue up boards for the table top and use template routing to create the circular top. We will also use mortise and through tenon joinery to assemble the legs and stretchers, half lap joinery for the stretchers, and plug construction for the decorative design element. Traditional staining and finishing techniques will be discussed.

The Grove Park Inn was built by Edwin Wiley Grove in Asheville NC in 1913. Grove commissioned Elbert Hubbert and the Roycrofter artisans to design and furnish his magnificent Arts and Crafts hotel with solid oak furniture in the Arts and Crafts style. Much of the furniture is still in everyday use today, a century after its construction. This tabouret (small round) table is based on original plans drawn up by the Roycrofters.

Recommended Tools (can be provided if you do not have them):

  • Large and small metal rules
  • Large and small combination squares
  • Pencils & erasers
  • Wood crayons or chalk
  • Tape Measure
  • Personal Safety Equipment (earmuffs, safety glasses, dust mask etc)
  • Woodworking Chisels
  • Dead blow mallet
  • Block or Smoothing Plane
  • Quarter sheet or Random orbital power sander

Expected Course Schedule
Week 1

  • Course intro & Shop safety
  • Assessing grain
  • Begin dimensioning
  • Glue-up tabletop stock

Week 2

  • Finish dimensioning
  • Begin joinery on stretchers

Week 3

  • Join legs & stretchers
  • Decorate & Sand legs & stretchers
  • Glue up

Week 4

  • Shape Tabletop
  • Sand Tabletop
  • Secure tabletop
  • Discuss finishing