Building a hand-joined step stool


This little step stool, while it may not look like much, is an excellent learning opportunity. Practically the only thing you’ll do by machine is dimension the boards. From there, you’ll be cutting dovetails, the tenons, and rounding the handhold all by hand.

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Taught by Back Channel Staff

Sunday, December 8th, 9 AM to 5:30 PM (Lunch provided)

Note: Students are required to have taken (at a minimum) the Hand-cut Dovetails class. Students taking the previous 5 classes (Sharpening, Handcut Dovetails, Tuning a Handplane, Mortise & Tenon, and Dimensioning Lumber) will be invited to this class free-of-charge.

In this class, students will build the step-stool that is the culmination of the Fundamentals 1 track. Outwardly simple, this small piece is no small feat to build. After laying out, the handhold will need to be rounded off. Then, the dovetails cut and fit, and finally the mortise and tenon, all the while shaping each piece to be easier to clean up. A key principle to learn is not to try to work perfect, but to be able to bring everything flush, the final step of which will be best done with a hand plane.