Milling Lumber

Learn the ins and outs of getting wood ready for use. Don Phillips supplies most of our lumber and will show you how to take raw, wet logs to ready-to-use lumber, including how to mill it yourself.

Chip Carving

From simple ornamentation to complex geometric forms, to freeform shapes and lettering, chip carving is a great way to get started using wood without needing much in the way of tools.

Setting up Shop

A well-thought out, organized shop will help you to get your work done more efficiently. Learn how to set up your own shop in this one-day class from Mike Korsak.

Get the most from your router

John Randazzo will teach you everything you need to know about how to use a router. From digging a mortise, making a sliding dovetail drawer, or doing inlay and marquetry, proper router use can simplify your life and add a flair to your projects.

Machine Maintenance

Join local cabinetmaker Mike Long in getting better acquainted with your power tools. Used power tools are much more affordable but can often do with some upkeep. In this class, you'll learn to set it up right and keep it running smooth for years to come.

Furniture Touch-up and Repair

One of the greatest aspects of working in wood is the fact that just about everything can be repaired. See the differences a cleaned-up finish can make, and how to repair just about any damage.