Budget Benchmaking

If you're going to work at home, you need a place to work. This class is intended to provide students with a budget-friendly place to work in their own space.

Building a Krenov-style Wooden Plane

Learn to build your own Krenov-style wooden smoothing plane with a former Krenov student.

Building a Cigar Box Guitar

Learn the basics of building a stringed instrument in this one-day class, and go home with a functioning Cigar-box guitar.

Making a Grove Park Inn Tanbouret Table

Taught by Mark Mooney. A timeless small table that shows off quarter-sawn oak grain in a fashionable arts-and-crafts style.

Making an Arts & Crafts Picture Frame

Mark Mooney will lead you through the design and construction of a custom-sized picture frame in the arts-and-crafts style.

Making Bandsaw Boxes

A short, one-day class on how to make bandsaw boxes. Great as jewelry, or keepsake containers.