Fall 2019 Schedule

The schedule for Fall 2019 is now available! See it on the Calendar, starting in September.

This write-up is pretty long, so we’ve also prepared a class list with dates and times as a pdf.

You should already know that just over the horizon, coming up in August will be a short and sweet Krenov-style Smoothing Plane class with former Krenov student Jon Holmes.
Also coming very soon are a couple of one-day weekend classes, the first on how to build a Cigar Box Guitar with Danny Williams, who will also teach a class on building a dulcimer later in the season.
Then, we’ll show you how to tune up and maintain your power tools in a Machine Maintenance class led by local cabinetmaker Mike Long.

The Fall season starts officially on September 9th, with 4 nights of Furniture Touch-up and Repair also from Mike Long.
The same night will also begin a restructured Intro to Veneering class, now titled Basic Veneering. The first half of the class will be much the same with the latter portion covering variations of Parquetry and the simple matching up to variations on the four-way match. Each student will have a tool kit that will enable them to practice the class exercises and other patterns of their choosing at home (on the dining room table if necessary).
Come the weekend, we’ve got Budget Benchmaking returning over the weekends of September 14 & 15, and 21 & 22. When we ran this class in February we tried to complete the bench in two days but most students needed 3 to 4 to finish. This time its scheduled for 4 days but priced for 3. Plus, the bench will be ready to use in time for the other classes.
The end of the month will bring with it the start of the next session of Fundamentals classes, returning the last full week of September, with Fundamentals 2 on Monday evenings and Fundamentals 1 on Tuesdays this time around.

As the clocks tick into October, local lumber supplier Don Phillips is hosting a one-evening lecture on how to mill and dry your own wood on the 2nd. Anyone who attends will also be invited to tour his sawmill and kiln on Saturday Oct. 12th.
Next you’ll have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for making Windsor chairs in the Windsor Stool class with Craig Smith, filling the weekend of the 12th & 13th.
Then, on the 16th Jay Nicolella is starting a 4-evening Chip Carving class, showing how to make beautiful traditional wood art with minimal tools.
The same day, Mark Mooney will start an Arts and Crafts Picture Frame class, also requiring minimal tools, and perfect for showing off the art that you already have.
Our core classes continue next with Intro to Cabinetmaking occupying the weekend of the 19th & 20th. After that, Basic Cabinetmaking continues on Sundays starting October 27th till November 24th.

At the start of November, John Randazzo will be back to show you how to create incredible veneered designs in his Marquetry class starting the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd, continuing on Saturdays until the 23rd.

Rounding out the year, on the first Saturday in December we’ll show you how to make Bandsaw Boxes, a perfect gift just in time for the holidays.

As always, we hope to see you in the shop.